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Hawaii Tour Updates

Hawaii Tour 
 November 21 – 29th, 2011

Is your account up to date with your tour payments??

It is very important that your tour payments be up to date!  Boosters have to keep to a payment schedule with the airline and tour company and they cannot do this if band families are not making their payments.   Please check with the Booster Treasurer to see where you stand.  Linda can be reached at or at any band practice in the front lobby.  DO NOT leave it to the last minute to find out what you may have outstanding.  As of today everyone’s account should be at $2,100.00 with a final payment of $190.00 (depending on the finalize tour cost) by October 30th

Things to bring:

·         Important:   -       Passport, Health Card,
-          Out of Country insurance.
·         Red Band Jacket—MANDATORY—do not pack in your suit case as it is required for travel.

·         For the flights—No jeans material clothing is to be worn.  No underwear should be showing from your waistbands.  No t-shirts, sweat pants or gym shorts are to be worn on the flight.  Dress appropriately as you are representing the band and the city.

·         Prescription drugs—in original container.  Keep these in your carry on and not in the luggage under the bus in case you need them.  Be sure to inform your chaperone of any medication or allergies you have.

·         All items required for your band uniform (red shirt, Navy blue socks,  clean shoes,  white gloves)

·         Maple Leaf shirt (if you have one) not mandatory but highly recommended.  Spirit wear will not be allowed to be worn in place of the band red jacket during the tour.

·         Bathing suit and towel

·         Toiletries

·         Money belt or pouch

·         Personal spending money (US dollars)

·         Sunscreen, sun glasses, hat

·         Comfortable footwear for sightseeing and free time.
Things to remember:

·      DO NOT pack your band jacket you WILL need it for the flight

·      Ipods, cell phones, etc are brought at your own risk!  Remember cell phones have high charges for phone calls and texts PLUS roaming charges.

·      ALWAYS say please and thank you.

·      Never eat with your hat on in any type of sit down restaurant.
·         If you burn easily, you should consider getting a base tan before leaving – You do not want to burn in the first couple days and ruin your tour.

·      ALWAYS travel in groups of four (4) or more.  Those not doing so will be paired up with a chaperone or staff during free time.

·         Only do things that will make your parents and our city proud of you and the band!

 During the Flight

Our band has an outstanding reputation whenever we travel for being extremely well mannered. On the flight staff will discuss with the flight crew about allowing band members to change seats so you can sit by your friends.  This will not happen until the cabin crew feels it is safe to do so.  Once you have changed seats you are not to move around the cabin except for washrooms visits.  DO NOT forget we are not the only people on the flight and the crew has a job to do, so be respectful to all on the flight.

Once the plane lands all BTTB members and chaperones will remain seated until ALL other passengers have left the plane.  Management will give the signal when it is ok to leave the plane.

While in the hotel…

· DO NOT yell out the windows to fellow band members
· DO NOT yell or talk loud in the hallways
· DO NOT let doors slam
· DO NOT run in the halls
· DO NOT clog up the elevators so other guests cannot use them
· DO NOT walk around shirtless
· DO NOT play loud music in the rooms
· DO NOT disturb other guests
· DO remember who you are representing at all times!
· DO use please and thank you ALL the time!
· DO take lots of pictures...not for facebook but for your parents!

New members going on their first tour

There will be a meeting for you with the Drum Majors on Wednesday November 9th following practice. 
Please make arranges to stay a little later so you can attend.

The Tour Itinerary

The itinerary is only a guide which can and will change as the tour progresses.  ALL changes will be announced and it is YOUR responsibility to listen for any and all changes.  Remember, the tour itinerary will be finalized when the tour is over!  You will receive a copy of the itinerary at the luggage weigh in day and your parents can print off copies from the band web site. 

Money and Purchases in Hawaii

Hawaii can be very expensive!  Over 90% of all products are shipped or flown in.  Spend wisely!  Do not purchase items in Hawaii that you can get at home you will just be wasting your money.  Purchase items that are unique to Hawaii that you can not get back in Canada. 

Every room has a safe, use it for your extra money or any expensive items you are leaving in the hotel room.  Know how much money you have at all time.

Do not forget your passport must be valid six months after we return.  If you speak with the Passport Office they will tell you, you will be fine.  However, please keep in mind that it is the US custom officer who has the final say while we are trying to clear customs, NOT the passport office.   As it states on the Canada passport website:
You should not travel with a passport that will expire during your trip or shortly after your planned return. Some countries will not allow you to enter if your passport is set to expire shortly after your planned return date. To avoid difficulties while travelling, we recommend that you obtain a new passport before leaving if there is any chance that your passport could expire during your travels or within 6 months of your return.”
Once we land in Hawaii your chaperone will be collecting your passport for the duration of the tour.  All passports will be locked away for safe keeping and returned on the last day of the tour.  A lost passport will cost money, delay the band and cause issues with the customs officials.

Hotel Rooms

Hotel rooms are our home away from home.  They will be kept neat and tidy at all times.  This will allow the hotel staff access to the room for cleaning AND it will ensure you and your room mate do not lose any free time because you are in your room cleaning it!  There will be room checks!

Weather - November

·         Average temperature in November is Mid 70’s to mid 80’s
·         Temperatures can drop 10 degrees at night.
·         Water temperature averages 75 degrees in November
·         Although November is the beginning of the rainy season in Hawaii, it usually does not rain for long and more time then not there are sun showers followed by rainbows.

More information to come, such as

-          Luggage weighing and colour coding day
-          Hawaii send off party
-          Itinerary updates
-          Airline (which flight you are on)
-          Instrument packing instructions
-          Meet your chaperone

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